How Single Dads Can Take Care of the Kids and Laundry, While Having Fun

Single dads can really run into difficulties trying to juggle all the chores that come with taking care of the little ones, plus keeping them happy and entertained as well. By making use of a Laundromat like the Laundromat Hyattsville, MD facility, you can not only get your laundry done, but you can also spend some quality time with the kids. Here’s are some quick tips to get the most out of your time at the Laundromat with the kids.

Make the laundry chore fun:

Start by getting the kids involved before you even leave to go to the Laundromat by making a game of sorting the laundry. Assign each child a color to put into a specific pile and see who can complete theirs first.

Pre-plan with some simple games:

Pre-plan some simple games that you can keep them busy with during the time the laundry is being done. If you get a chance through the week, go and buy a few simple new games that you can present prior to leaving to go to the Laundromat. They will be intrigued with something new, as well as having something to do to pass the time. Card and trivia games are ideal.

Get all the boring stuff over at once:

Most likely, your kids have brought some homework along that has to be done some time over the weekend. Entice the kids to bring this to the Laundromat, so you can help them with it. Explain that by using this time to get it done and out of the way, it will mean that no more quality time has to be wasted.

A kid friendly laundry location:

One of the great things about a good quality Laundromat is that it really can be considered kid friendly. It is spacious, bright, and many locations have TVs to help keep the kids entertained. And the machines are high speed, which means your time spent doing the laundry is less than doing it at home.

These are just a few hints to help you as a single dad make the best of laundry day.

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